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Credit: Rob Echanique

This week’s Meet a Mom interview is with Michelle Lee, an accomplished actress, stuntwoman and single mom, with a career that spends decades. Currently, she appears on Paramount+’s “Blood & Treasure”, as Violet, the lead character’s partner in crime.  “Violet is a super fun character because she goes through a range of things as the best friend of the main character Lexi. They did heists together—she robbed people for a living. She’s passionate, strong, and does what she wants,” explains Michelle, who has also starred or stunted in a variety of other projects including Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Bullet Train and Suicide Squad.

We spoke to Michelle, about single working motherhood, her transition from stuntwoman to actress, and more.

Can you please tell us about your life with your daughter, and raising her as a single mom?
We’re in LA and I’ve been in the industry for quite some time. I was engaged and when that unfortunately didn’t work out, I decided to keep the baby and do both—move ahead with my career and start a family.

What has helped you do that?
Definitely having a great support system, including family and friends, and also having the funds to do it. I have a regular babysitter who I consider to be a friend. If I have childcare lined up, I will take a job. This industry is so last minute that I don’t know sometimes until the day before if I’ll be leaving for Canada. I’ve gotten used to last minute.

I wasn’t young when I had my daughter. I was very comfortable in my skin and finances. I feel like it was my choice to be a mom and not stay with someone who wasn’t working relationship wise. I’m a lot happier because it’s all on my terms. My daughter and I are best friends.

Did you transition to being an actress from being a stuntwoman after motherhood?
Prior to having my daughter I was working on the transition to acting, but it sort of ended up being at the same time. It was a time when my daughter was fairly young and I had a major job that took me away for six months. It was a hard decision but my parents were here. I spent money flying back and forth and I just looked at it as part of the cost of the job.

What’s one thing that you learned from your own mom about motherhood?
My mom would do anything for me—she would fight for me.  I definitely feel that way with my daughter. I will do the best for my daughter. And say no for her—standing up for her.

What’s something about being a single mom that most moms with a partner don’t realize?
I’m sure it’s wonderful to have help, but I also feel that there are so many opportunities for conflict when two people have opposing views about raising a child. Also, I imagine there is twice the mess, ha! I clean up after myself and my daughter. As a single mom, there is no one to check in with. If we want to go to Hawaii tomorrow, we can go to Hawaii tomorrow. There are great things that I try to look for. Sometimes you wish for help, and other times I feel so happy I don’t have to fight about who did what.