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Jaline Resort Katherine Leaf Print Maxi Dress

Product Sold By Jaline


We want women who wear Jaline to feel a connection to the women who made their clothes. No inventory, No waste, everything is crafted by hand; personally involved every step from development to packing & shipping to the final consumer.

Craftmanship – All of our pieces are made by hand. Our handwoven Beachwear and Tabletop collections are crafted by a family of local artisans in Oaxaca who carry on traditional weaving techniques. Our one of a kind silk prints are ideated and brought to life into dresses by seamstresses here in New York City.

Sustainability – Every step of our process is designed to reduce waste and put our environment first. We start by using locally sourced cotton and weave our beachwear on traditional foot looms. Our prints are created digitally to reduce water waste. All of our pieces are made to order so we don’t carry inventory and reduce waste.

Timeless Style – We like our fashion slow and timeless. Dresses that are chic and stand the test of time.