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This holiday season, allow the remarkable woman in your life to live fearlessly!

Purchase an exclusive South Houston Mom’s Holiday edition Restore your Pelvic Floor gift package today!

Restore Your Pelvic Floor Gift Package

Product Sold By Empower Pelvic Health


Are you tired of running to the bathroom to check your underpants every time you laugh a little too hard? Are you constantly making excuses why you cannot jump on that trampoline with your kids to avoid an embarrassing accident? Is painful sex postpartum causing a strain on your relationship? Have you been told this is “common” and “normal” by your friends and doctors? Rest assured, although these scenarios are all too common amongst the female population, they are definitely not “normal!”

Empower Pelvic Health pelvic floor physical therapy believes everyone deserves the best quality of life possible, free to live fearlessly. Whether you want to address your “normal” symptoms or return to your favorite sport or activity, our Physical Therapists blend their specialized pelvic floor therapy with traditional orthopedic, hands-on manual therapy with one goal in mind: to get to the root of what is causing your pain and symptoms.

Your personalized care begins with a comprehensive one-on-one, 90-minute evaluation where your therapist will take a thorough history, assess the musculoskeletal system, and craft a report of findings to start you on your journey to freedom.