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Yale New Haven Health Helps High School Pole Vaulter Soar

This story was contributed by Yale New Haven Health.    Pole vaulters train for the speed of a sprinter, the strength of a gymnast and the courage of a daredevil. But what if you have the spine of someone with scoliosis? Delaney Phelps of Preston CT, uses an...

COVID & Kids: What to Know About the New Inflammatory Syndrome

Have you been hearing about the inflammatory syndrome being linked to COVID-19 cases in kids? This new development is frightening for families, especially as we weigh the possibility of camp, and school not too far on the horizon. We reached out to the experts at Yale...

Family Vacation & Sleep: How to Deal

It’s family vacay season, and while making memories is fun, the sleep disruptions that kids (and as a result, parents) encounter while away are not as enjoyable. We spoke to Craig Canapari, MD, a Yale Medicine pediatric sleep expert and author of It’s Never Too...