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In a season where we are making magic, hosting, decorating and organizing, we can’t forget to take care of ourselves, moms.  That means feeding ourselves as well as we do our families. Food, after all, is fuel for this busy holiday season. We asked The Local Moms Network contributor Stefani Sassos, Registered Dietician and Deputy Nutrition Director for the Good Housekeeping Institute for her favorite healthy eating hacks during celebration season.

Eat Mindfully: My number one tip this holiday season and every holiday season is to focus on eating mindfully. Slow down, savor the flavors, be present with your loved ones and try to stop eating when you feel you are getting full. The whole point is to enjoy the incredible food but not get to the point of uncomfortable fullness. It takes the body about 20 minutes for the brain to send out signals of fullness, so wait a few minutes after that first plate before going for seconds. For more specific mindful eating tips, check out our Good Housekeeping beginner’s guide to mindful eating

Sensibly Indulge: There are certain foods that only come around once a year and are meant to be enjoyed! Try your best to sensibly indulge and listen to your body. Be picky with what you put on your plate; if you hate mashed potatoes, then skip those and opt for that side of stuffing you have been looking forward to instead. 

Don’t skip breakfast: A common but counterproductive tactic I hear many people use is to skip breakfast (and even lunch) to “save” calories for later. This ultimately leaves you feeling ravenous, contributes to an unhealthy fixation on food, and leads to making poor dietary choices at dinnertime and overeating. You absolutely should eat at least one or two meals before the big event later in the day to fuel your body and prevent binging later on. If you want to eat a lighter meal that is okay, but fuel your body with with a combination of protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep you satiated until later. Don’t forget to stay hydrated too, as many holiday foods tend to be quite salty.