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Discovering the Benefits of Cognitive Fitness: Fit Learning’s Top Reasons Why Every Child Should Get Evaluated

What is the Fit Learning Method?

Fit Learning is an outcome-driven, mastery-based method of instruction. It combines 20 years of experience with cutting edge science. The cumulative knowledge acquired has produced a practice that consistently produces 1-2 years growth in 40 hours.

Step One: A Cognitive Fitness Assessment

Designed by Founder Dr. Kim, The Cognitive Fitness Assessment is the first step in the Fit Learning Method, and provides an independent and honest evaluation of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.  Through precise measurements of your child’s skills, you will have a clear and specific understanding of the current level of proficiency. From the assessment, you will have baseline data that will allow you to understand the effectiveness of the Fit Learning Method.

Testing your child’s skills.

Each skill assessed is evaluated in terms of two criteria: accuracy and fluency.  The accuracy criterion involves the number of correct responses out of the total number of responses made, and the fluency criterion measures the combined performance of both accuracy and speed. All performances are evaluated in relation to a one minute time period.

See the difference.

It has been repeatedly shown that students who attain fluency in basic skill areas, rather than only accuracy, demonstrate broad-scale Cognitive Fitness. In other words, students are better able to remember what they have learned, resist distractions and fatigue during testing situations, and readily apply previously acquired skills to the learning of new more complex skills.

Let’s graph it out!

Your child’s assessment results are displayed in two ways, graphically and in table form. Graphic results reflect a more global summary of your child’s level of component skill fluency. Specific domains are listed across the horizontal axis and the vertical axis reflects your child’s average number of correct responses obtained across subdomains in that general domain. The red horizontal bar reflects the Fluency Aim and the blue bar reflects results obtained with your child at Intake.

Discover your child’s hidden skills and strengths.

Our highly skilled learning experts are available to give an honest, secondary, precise, and a valid picture of your child’s academic skill set. As parents, you have an instinctive sense of your child’s strengths and weaknesses; but what if there were additional skills waiting to be discovered in their growing brains? What if your instincts could be objectively measured in a manner that allows you to monitor your child’s progress independent of their school placement? Imagine being able to tap into those newfound assets and help produce significant academic outcomes.

All skill levels will flourish.

Our assessments are tools that guide and independently evaluate any intervention. Every skill level is welcome at Fit Learning. Whether you are looking to challenge your child or help your tot learn new skills to succeed, Fit Learning leverages their analysis to curate the best academic plan for each individual.

Let’s Chat! Ask Dr. Kim A Live Q & A Webinar Series – May 16 at 8 PM

Put the kids to bed and join us on May 16th at 8 PM as we launch Ask Dr. Kim: A Live Q & A Webinar Series. We will elaborate on the Fit Learning Method, discuss the flaws of traditional education, and shed some light on the science behind our program.

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