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Credit:Jeffrey Fountain

The last time we chatted with Daniella Monet, she was getting ready to become a mom for the first time. Her son Gio is now 1.5, and she is getting ready to welcome Baby #2 – a girl! We spoke to the actress about prepping for her new family addition, her recent Sprouted diaper launch (like Daniella this innovative product is vegan!), her podcast (co-hosted with her fiancé Andrew) and more!

Congrats on your exciting news of your second baby! What has surprised you most about motherhood?
I think the amount of energy it takes to be a mom is surprising. I think to myself all the time, how do moms do it all. The answer is, we just do. You just do whatever you need to in order to get through the day successfully. Priorities shift instantly when you become a mom. Your baby is first always. I think all in all, the lifestyle change is quite surprising. Life will never, ever be the same.

Agreed! And what is your favorite part so far?
My favorite thing about being a mom is watching Gio learn something new. He’s so determined to talk, and every time he learns a new word, he just beams from ear to ear. Seeing life from his eyes has been the greatest gift of all.

Credit: Jeffrey Fountain

How has becoming parents changed your relationship?
We’re exhausted! Ha! I think overall it’s brought us even closer. Andrew and I need each other in a way we never have. Gio shares such a special bond with us, and really only us, I think that’s made our relationship extra special.

How are you feeling as you prep for Baby #2?
I’m feeling good. This pregnancy is flying by, and thankfully I haven’t had any sickness to slow me down. We really haven’t prepped much for her. We pretty much have everything we need, other than another nursery, but we’ll get it all together by the time she moves out of our room… I think. Either way, I feel pretty at ease. It helps to know a little about what I’m in for, and how challenging it can be. No one can prepare you for those sleepless weeks/months. I’m just thankful that I’ve been there, done that, and know how fast it all flies by. Just looking forward to a new experience with our baby girl.

Credit: Sprouted

Can you tell us about your new project, Sprouted?
Sprouted was ‘conceived’ whilst I was pregnant with Gio and searching for a quality, eco-friendly diaper to add to my baby registry. I just didn’t feel like there was any that really ticked all the boxes. I started working with a marketing team called Unstoppable to help me navigate the ‘birth’ of a 100% vegan, cruelty free, and eco-friendly diaper line.Believe it or not, we’re the first on the US market to be Vegan certified.

 So exciting! Where can people find them?
You can simply go to Sprouted.com! We even have discounted subscription services with free shipping, so you never have to worry about running out of diapers.

Credit: Sprouted

What do you hope other parents get out of trying Sprouted?
I hope parents value our level of transparency and continue to support us as we do what we can to create more conversation around our environmental impact and protect the health of our planet for our growing families. Once parents give sprouted diapers a try, I think they’ll come back because they’re not just reliable, they’re extremely soft and comfortable for their baby.

Any advice on getting things done (particularly as an entrepreneur) during a pandemic?
Stick with it. Find a problem you want to solve and do whatever you can to see it through. These times are tricky, but nothing is impossible. We just have to pivot around some hurdles and approach things a bit more strategically. My advice would always be to lead with passion and purpose. Those two are what help build the strongest foundation for a meaningful company.

Credit: Jeffrey Fountain

Your podcast with your fiancé Andrew is wildly popular. Why do you think it resonates so well?
I think people just want to hear real people talking about real life, and that’s just what we do. Our show has been a form of therapy and an even bigger source of growth for us. There is so much responsibility to take on in different stages of adulthood. Throw in becoming new parents, launching our own businesses, a worldwide pandemic, and being pregnant (again) and you’re bound to find some sense of relatability whilst listening to Adulting Like A Mother Father.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Feel free to follow @daniellamonet where you’ll find links and info about @sprouted, @adultinglikeamf, and more!