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Sleep and skincare are two things that have become more important to many of us since becoming moms. Whether you’re waking up with babies, waiting up for teenagers, or simply burning the candle at both ends, good sleep is priceless. Skincare, too, becomes more important because we are tired and don’t want to look like it. As we get older, quality skincare goes from being a nice thing to be essential self-care. That’s why we are thrilled to share all about a fabulous new product from SAINT JANE, a clean CBD beauty brand known for their luxurious serums and award-winning products for face and body,  lip glosses and more. The latest addition to their line is Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair – their very first formula to pair potent retinol with skin-soothing CBD. We spoke to Casey Georgeson, CEO and Founder of SAINT JANE, and a mom of three, about this exciting new launch, her own sleep rand skincare routines, and more.


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Why is sleep important to you as a mom?
I’ve always needed a lot of sleep! It’s the time when my body resets naturally. When my daughters were newborns, I always made the effort to sleep 10 hours even if I was awake every 45 minutes. That meant prioritizing naps and forcing myself to sleep when the babies slept. Now, as a working mom, I have to maintain incredibly healthy sleep habits like turning off technology, reading a book, meditating and unwinding intentionally so I can fall asleep before 11 pm. Most nights, we hear the pitter patter of little feet at some point in the wee hours…Bad dreams. Tummy aches. Missing us. I know this sweet childhood time is not going to last forever, so I try to keep a calm perspective when the nights are sleepless.


You moved during the pandemic. Can you please share how that affected your sleep, skin and wellness?
Yes, we moved from Northern California to Southern California in 2021. It was a massive change for the five of us. We had a daughter starting Middle School, Kindergarten and 4th Grade. We didn’t have a house and were overflowing at my brother’s while we searched. The move was a huge endeavor but ended up being the best transition for all of us—a bright light in this crazy COVID roller coaster. We now live near the beach, and I’m sleeping better than I ever have.  Historically, I am not a great sleeper, but I think what they say about the ocean air and sleep is true as I’ve been able to sleep more deeply since the move.  A good night’s sleep is the ultimate self-care ritual for me.


What is your skincare routine and how do you use this new product?
I use Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair 3 times a week. On those nights, it’s the only product I use after washing my face. I apply it all over my face and neck….Never forget your neck!  It shows signs of aging just like the face.  Because of its luxuriously rich texture and the Retinol, it’s all my skin needs overnight. On the nights I don’t use Sacred Sleep, I slather my skin with our hero product, Luxury Beauty Serum. That combination keeps me calm, healthy and glowing!

What was the impetus for creating Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair?
As I get older, I’ve noticed more fine lines and wrinkles and a loss of firmness to my skin. And the PORES! Where did those come from all of a sudden?! Lack of sleep, stress, age…all of it takes its toll on our skin.  Retinol is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients in skincare.  But I have sensitive skin and Retinol and sensitive skin simply don’t play well together.   When using Retinol based products, I would suffer from intense peeling and redness and my skin would be angry. I would have to stop using the product immediately. SAINT JANE has always had a healing centric approach to skincare. All our products and ingredients focus on skin wellness and health.  And CBD’s superpower is to soothe and calm the skin so pairing these two incredible ingredients was a no brainer.  Sacred Sleep beautifully balances the skin’s reaction to Retinol’s renewing and resurfacing benefits without affecting its potency.  Plus, the next morning your skin is renewed, refreshed, and looks like you got 9 hours of sleep!


What separates this product from other Retinols or night creams?
The innovative formula was crafted with sensitive skin in mind. It is the very first night cream that is made with a gentle dose of Retinol, nourishing CBD, our clinically proven Fine Line Complex and our signature bouquet of Luxury Active Florals to deliver visible anti-aging results with minimal redness, dryness, or peeling.

We blended 1000mg of our proprietary full flower CBD into Sacred Sleep to alleviate “Retinol Sensitivity”. They’re renowned for their calming benefits to balance the irritation that can surface when using Retinol. CBG is a wonderful and very precious ingredient that I am really excited about.  Often referred to as the ‘Mother’ of cannabinoids because it’s the precursor from which all other cannabinoids, like CBD, are derived.

Our signature bouquet of Luxury Active Florals supports the mission of Retinol but also calms and soothes.  Violet flower alleviates redness and irritation; Lavender flower is a powerful calming ingredient and Elderberry flower is rich in nourishing antioxidants.


Sounds great! How has the feedback you’ve received so far been?
The feedback has been amazing!  One of our clients said it was “better and cheaper than Botox” which I personally loved to hear!  But across the board, everyone says it’s gentle yet effective and their skin is more hydrated and plump.  We’re fortunate to have our Beauty Lab Testers – which is a group that gives us great insight on our new products. 83% of the Beauty Lab participants didn’t experience redness or peeling and 60% saw better results with Sacred Sleep than other Retinol products. I’m incredibly excited for everyone else to try the formula.


Do you use CBD in other ways to help you get better sleep?
Yes, I discovered CBD back in 2018 and have used it regularly to help me sleep.  Much in the same way it helps to calm the skin when applied topically.  I personally love taking CBD+ Melatonin gummies about 2 hours before bed.  Melatonin on its own makes me very groggy in the morning but when paired with CBD, I wake up feeling like I slept more deeply without that fuzziness of straight Melatonin. 


How long was this in production and what is your testing process like?
I started working on this formula about two years ago. Our formulation process takes a bit longer than the norm as our ingredients and final formulas are meticulously clean and our testing process is quite involved – more intense than the industry norm. It is so important to me that our products have the best-in-class ingredients that we source globally from small vendors with sustainable practices. We support many women led micro-communities this way.  

In addition to Retinol and our bouquet of Luxury Active Florals, we’ve also included our Fine Line Complex – a clinically backed ingredient that improves firmness, tone and combats the signs of aging. The clinicals for the ingredient are incredible – 74% saw an improvement in tone and firmness and 100% of the participants experienced a reduction in hyperpigmentation.  


If a mom is reading this and thinking, I haven’t slept well since before I was a mom, what advice, mom to mom, do you have for her?
As a mom, we all know sleep is going to be elusive. And, if you need sleep aids – like a CBD gummy or a nice warm bath before bed…do whatever works for you to get the rest you need to be functioning and present…As the girls get older, their sleep patterns have been more regular and it has gotten easier, but I’m still not always getting enough. I have found that being on a schedule – going to bed at the same time every night, shutting off the computer, the phone etc. really helps set the mood for a restful night sleep.   And most importantly, listen to your body.





What are you proudest of in terms of SAINT JANE?
The proudest moments are when I hear our formulas have transformed our clients’ skin for the better – it means the world to know that our formulas are helping those who have struggled with skin issues. Our business has really flourished over the past three years since we launched, and our retailer partnerships have grown.  We are now available in the UK with Cult Beauty, and we are expanding our assortment in Sephora stores this month and the brand is being featured on an endcap. We are continuing to launch amazing products too.  In fact, we have another launch coming up in early summer that I am really excited about.  I can’t say too much now but stay tuned for more SAINT JANE news in the coming months.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I’m deeply moved + devastated by what’s happening in Ukraine. It hits hard when I think about the families torn apart from their homes and loved ones left behind to fight. SAINT JANE’s entire mission is to heal, so I feel compelled to give what we can. For the entire month of March, we are giving 100% of sales of Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair to UNHCR. 


This story is sponsored by SAINT JANE.