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Good Science Beauty is a new skincare line founded in science. As busy moms, we are always looking for skincare products that truly deliver, so we’re not wasting precious time (or money). Plus, these days, taking care of our skin at home feels even more important than ever, since we’re not always able to keep up with facial appointments and are going make-up free most days. We spoke to Good Science Beauty’s Founder, Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, PhD, who has deep experience in the biotech industry and has committed her life’s work to helping women achieve beautiful and healthy skin—through science.  

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For those who aren’t familiar yet, how would you describe Good Science Beauty?
Good Science Beauty creates skin care products that use Good Silicon+® , a special delivery technology based on elemental silicon, to make cosmetic ingredients more effective.

Why did you found the company—was there an “aha” moment? 
My background as a pharmaceutical scientist is in drug delivery technology. That’s the technology we use to get medicines into the body and release them at the right time and at the right place, so that these medicines target a specific disease as effectively as possible, and with limited side effects. An example of a very basic delivery technology would be a syringe. A more advanced technology would be a slow release tablet, which releases an active ingredient, such as a drug molecule or a vitamin, in a controlled way. I invented a range of drug delivery technologies based on elemental silicon and through my other company, SiSaf Ltd, I’m using these technologies to develop medicines for the treatment of skin disorders and of rare genetic diseases. Over the years, my team and I gathered a lot of data which show how our technologies can make medicines safer and more effective, and that they can also enhance skin permeation. Having tried countless skin care products that had very little effect I thought, ‘Why don’t I use my technology for cosmetic skin care products, to make them more effective?’ This is how Good Science Beauty was born.

How is it different from everything else on the market?
Most other brands are all about the ingredients they use. But having good and right ingredients is only one factor for an effective product. The other factor is keeping the ingredients intact and targeted. This is where we come in. Many ingredients are unstable, which means they degrade easily and lose their efficacy, or they can’t be absorbed by the skin, which protects our body against external threats, such as pollutants or toxics. This is why for us delivery technology is key. Our Good Silicon+® technology is patented and no other skin care brand has a license to this technology.

Why is it so crucial to use scientifically formulated skincare? 
I always say the beauty of science is we can see that it works. All our Good Silicon+® formulations are based on research and development work in which we have demonstrated that Good Silicon+® is able to protect ingredients from degradation and to enhance their bioavailability.

Can you please tell us a bit more about Good Silicon+®?
Good Silicon+® is based on elemental silicon, an essential micro mineral that is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, after oxygen. Not to be confused with Silicone, which is a man-made ingredient. Elemental silicon is found in many foods and drinks, and also in the human body – especially in connective tissues and in the skin. There is evidence that silicon supports collagen production and skin health. Now, I’ve fused elemental silicon with lipids and amino acids and this makes it an incredibly powerful carrier for a wide range of molecules. We can encapsulate a variety of ingredients in this silicon-lipid hybrid and because of its lipid content and positive charge, GoodSilicon+® supports the absorption of ingredients. The Silicon ultimately dissolves to orthosilicic acid, the bioavailable form of Silicon.

Good Silicon+® also allows the encapsulation of multiple ingredients. Many Good Science Beauty products combine two key ingredients which boost each other’s performance. Take our 003-Hy Hydrating Face Cream and 003-Hy Hydrating Face Mask as an example, which combine Hyaluronic Acid with Marine Omega-3. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally broken down by an enzyme called Hyalurodinase. Omega-3 diminishes the effect of Hyalurodinase  and so prolongs the hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid.


We love that your line is clean—what does that mean for you?
We don’t use silicones or parabens in Good Science Beauty formulations. But let me tell you as a scientist that it’s a myth that silicones or parabens in cosmetics are harmful. We follow researchon potentially harmful effects of ingredients very closely and I must say there is no credible scientific evidence for these ingredients to be harmful, at least not when they are used topically, on your skin, and at the amounts, at which they are found in cosmetics. As I see it, the claim that these ingredients are bad for your skin or are toxic are quite possibly a marketing trick by so-called “natural” skin care brands. When we talk about clean skin care, it’s important to recognize that natural ingredients are not necessarily cleaner than synthetic ingredients. In fact, many natural essential oils can act as skin sensitizers and might damage the skin. 

What are your most popular products?
Our most popular products are our 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream, which does wonders in keeping your skin both moisturized and blemish free. It also works great for men – many men, including my husband, use it as an after shave balm. Our other best-seller is our 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream. It’s very effective for dull skin and hyperpigmentation. If you are one of the many women who get melasmas during pregnancy or from other hormonal causes, try this cream.

If someone is going to start with one product, which should they try and why?
I’d say start with the 001-Pu Purifying Cream. I’d call it the Swiss knife of skin care because it’s effective in so many ways: it moisturizes, reduces pore sizes, and keeps your skin clear.

Charity is a part of your plan—what is your favorite cause?
We are supporting Girls Inc. because I want as many girls as possible to get the opportunity to make the most of their talents. I’m a great fan of their Eureka! Program, which gets girls involved hands-on with science and technology.  

Anything else you’d like to share?
I’ve found that for many people healthy, good looking skin is really important for their happiness and self-esteem. I hope that my products can help people feel good in their own skin.

What is next for the brand and for you?
We want to expand our product range into serums and we are also working on novel sunscreen formulations.

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