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This is our fifth camp in our series on some of our favorite sleepaway camps across the country.

Founded in 1931, Iroquois Springs is located in the bucolic Southern Catskill Mountains. It is named after the scenic lake that is at the very heart of the camp experience. The camp lake is not only where campers play in the aqua-playground or learn to water ski, but also where they gather for various camp events, special activities and meaningful traditions.

Owners Mark and Laura Newfield have spent their entire lives in camping and are firm believers in the value of the camp experience. With that knowledge, they are committed to bringing that experience to all Iroquois Springs campers and staff members. They are hands-on, involved in all aspects of camp, and truly care about everyone in their camp family.

Their program is designed to help campers build confidence, take on healthy challenges, learn new skills and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. They offer a structured and elective program, giving campers the best of both worlds. Campers have the opportunity to try everything camp offers, as they attend morning activities with their bunk, as well as the freedom to choose afternoon electives and clubs to focus on activities they truly enjoy, or to try new things.

What sets Iroquois Springs apart from many other camps, is their unique, flexible program of 3 or 6-week sessions for campers of all ages. “We believe that a 6-week camp experience is the perfect amount of time for campers to explore new activities, improve skills and develop lifelong friendships and memories. Campers enjoy a traditional camp experience and still have time for family vacations or other summertime obligations.”

Mark and Laura feel that “the impact that summer camp has on children is fundamental to our commitment to provide not only a camp of fun activities and events, but also one that instills human values. Through all that we do, we are teaching our campers the importance of paying respect, showing appreciation for others, building skills, approaching everything with heart and soul, and living in a community where we care for others.”

Iroquois Springs’ staff is made up of a team of “Difference Makers” that are consistently encouraging campers, through words and actions, to dream big and give it their best shot. Camp gives campers the guidance, space and support to challenge themselves and own their accomplishments. This positive energy is all over camp, and what makes Iroquois Springs such a special and wonderful place to call home.



Quick Facts about Iroquois Springs
-Located in the Catskills, NY
-Pool and Lake
-No Uniform
-3 and 6 Week Options (Session)

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