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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is best known for her star turn on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as well as the daughter of legendary musician John Cougar Mellencamp. “They know ‘PeePaw’ is a famous singer. They love getting on stage with him when he’s touring,” says Teddi, who is also an accomplished entrepreneur.  She founded the All in By Teddi wellness and lifestyle coaching platform, hosts a Bravo podcast, is  a mom of three. We spoke to Teddi about what being on the reality show was really like, how surviving melanoma and having her daughter undergo neurosurgery shaped her as a mother, and more.

What was your favorite part of being on RHOBH?
What was the highlight/best episode/moment for you? And what was the lowlight? Definitely the friendships I made. I never would have expected to come out of the show with a true best friend, like Kyle Richards. But also the other women as well. The high moment was Provence— kinda goes hand-in-hand with the answer about making true friends— we had so much fun, especially when we were impersonating each other in the vineyard. The low would be the hate I got online from fans— I get I made some mistakes, but some of the things said to me went far too low.

What do people not realize about reality TV?
I think there’s a misconception that things are “scripted.” Obviously we have producers, and they’re there to help the story flow, but we are never forced to do or say anything, from my experience.

What is All In and how does it different from other wellness programs out there? How do you respond to criticism that it’s too restrictive?
The difference is in the accountability. As humans, we all have a natural inclination to make excuses. All In puts you with an accountability coach who will be with you every step of the way to help hold you to your goals— and call you out when you start trying to make excuses. We’ve changed over 30,000 lives, who continue to thrive and appreciate the community. I think that speaks volumes to the success and support of the program.



How do you teach your daughter to love her body?
I teach her that every body is different, and as long as she’s feeling good, as long as she’s taking care of herself, that’s what matters.

Love that. How are you teaching your kids about the importance of being active?
I want each of them to find activities they love. Slate, it’s riding horses. Cruz it’s football. Dove it’s bossing everybody around! I’m kidding (kinda) but we make sure to always have activity outside. We all love a family bike ride.

What’s your own regular workout routine?
I love a combo of running, Peloton and the occasional hike. I’ve also recently purchased a walking tread for under my desk which has been a game changer!

How did surviving melanoma change your outlook on health and wellness?
It really makes you aware of how there’s so much more to being “healthy.” Things like wearing sunscreen should be a daily part of everybody’s wellness routine— but it’s something that is often overlooked. So it definitely made me more aware of what I’m putting on my body as much as what I’m putting in my body.

Your daughter had neurosurgery at just 5 months old. What advice would you give yourself then that you have realized since?
Your baby is stronger than you can ever imagine. Resilience is very, very real.

Amazing! Finally, how are you being raised differently/the same as you were raised?
Most people are surprised to hear I was raised without the spoils they expect of a “rock star’s” daughter. But I was taught to work for what I want. I’m teaching my children the same.

What’s next for you?
Continuing to change lives with All In. Growing the Two Ts in a Pod brand. I love doing the podcast; Tamra and I have so much fun. And now, with Cynthia Bailey doing OC recaps, there’s a third positive energy that just resonates with our fans. There are some TV things in the works that I can’t reveal. And I’ve been doing some more public speaking, which I’m loving. I love sharing with people and being vulnerable and just trying to help as many people as I can.