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Credit: Miley Cyrus’s Instagram


There’s a bandwagon that is scooping up women all over the country, and Miss Miley Cyrus owns it. Seems like every woman — tween, teen, Gen Z or Gen X — is obsessed with Miley Cyrus’s song, Flowers, right now. And why not? It’s the perfect reminder of the fact we need to love ourselves first.

 Take a cue from the intrepid and fabulous Miley, and spend the rest of your February (or your year!) focusing on the old numero uno. 

I can buy myself flowers. 

Write my name in the sand 

Talk to myself for hours

Say things you don’t understand

I can take myself dancing

And I can hold my own hand

Yeah, I can love me better than you can

   — Miley Cyrus, “Flowers”


  1. Buy yourself flowers. Yes, the grocery store ones count, too. There are gorgeous petite bouquets for $10 that you can pop into a Ball jar. Or call and order a gorgeous flower delivery from your favorite florist. If you’re feeling flush, plan a biweekly or monthly delivery for the rest of the year. 
  2. Plan a sun-filled beach vacation. Turks and Caicos? Maui? Palm Beach? Nantucket? Ibiza? Whether you are hopping on a plane to celebrate your birthday or you want a girls road-trip. (Keep in mind a solo trip to a beach destination can be the cure you’re looking for – don’t feel like it has to be with others!)
  3. Spend some time with yourself. Take an evening or early morning and keep the radio and tv off, no podcasts, no books on tape, no Sirius XM, and talk to yourself. How are you feeling? It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking but it’s you alone. A mindfulness moment of meditation works here, too. 
  4. Dance. Turn up the music and get after it behind closed doors or plan a night out with your crew, knowing you’ll finish your night at a spot where there’s a DJ and the ladies get up and move. 
  5. Hold your hand. How? Figuratively. Support yourself! Stop this negative talk that’s on a loop in your head. You know the “I’m so fat. My hair looks awful.That was so stupid.” Stop. It. Right. Now. We are where we are at the moment. Try these instead: “My body is where it is right now. Today is a ponytail day.” “I learned from that mistake, and now I know for the next time.” 
  6. Love yourself. It’s not as easy as saying “I love me.” It’s accepting yourself and taking time for yourself. Cut yourself a break when life is hard — and it’s been hard for a few years now. Treat yourself with kindness and take time to nurture what makes you YOU. 


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