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Have you heard about the Spotted Lanternfly—the invasive species popping up in our area? It looks like a butterfly with shades of black and red, but it’s actually a flying insect that can severely damage local trees and plants.

They were only discovered in 2014 but have already caused $324 million in damage throughout the United States—and they’re popping up in record numbers throughout Fairfield County.

Here are 3 things you should know about the Spotted Lanternfly—and how Mosquito Squad can protect your landscaping (and even your outdoor furniture and car) from their damage. With over 18 years of experience eradicating backyard pests, Mosquito Squad is on the cutting edge of Spotted Lanternfly management.

They Aren’t Dangerous to Humans
Besides the hit your wallet will take when planting new trees and plants, the Spotted Lanternfly isn’t dangerous to human, and doesn’t bite or sting.

They Attract Bees & Wasps
We know that bees especially are vital to our ecosystem, but the Spotted Lanternfly attracts extra of these insects by excreting sugary honeydew. When it builds up it promotes fungi, which may cause damage to plant life, as well as outdoor furniture and even cars that aren’t garaged.

The Authorities Want Them Gone
The U.S. State Department of Agriculture and local governments are working to control these pesky insects with “trap trees,” insecticide-laden trees that kill them. But private companies like Mosquito Squad can help safeguard your property, too.

You Can Destroy Their Eggs Yourself
There are a few ways to destroy Spotted Lanternfly Eggs, from using an old credit card to scrap them off trees to rubbing alcohol. But to really be sure they aren’t taking over your outdoor spaces, calling in the pros from Mosquito Squad is your best bet.

Call 203-299-2381 to find out more information or schedule a service to eliminate spotted lanternflies on your property.

This story was sponsored by Mosquito Squad.