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Our Hamptons Mom, Enid O’Brien, had the chance to interview the incredibly talented, Creative Director & Founder of Pink Chicken,  Stacey Fraser.

Stacey founded Pink Chicken 12 years ago after working in design for over 15 years at places like The Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. She got tired of the grind and wanted to spend more time being present for her two daughters.

Stacey took a summer off and started making dresses in her Amagansett home in the room above her garage for her two daughters. This is where Pink Chicken was born. All of Stacey’s friends loved the dresses and wanted to purchase them, and next came a fortuitous meeting with Stefani Greenfield (owner of scoop). She showed her the 3 dresses and she ordered them on the spot. Now, Stacey had to figure out where she was going to make the dresses and how she was going to fill the order. And that’s when Pink Chicken flew the coop!

Amagansett was the first location followed by the Madison Avenue location 4 years later. Now with locations outside of NY in Charleston, SC, & Santa Monica, CA as well. The Boho Chic goodness is spreading fast with thoughts to open perhaps another US location within the year (I won’t reveal where they are thinking since its not public knowledge yet but very exciting!).

Stacey is a true working mom to her daughters. Both inspiring the company and also having design input to this day (the clothing goes to age 12 for both boys and girls they also carry baby clothing).

Enid: What do you love about being in the Hamptons?

Stacey: My family and I love the sand – the surf. My husband and daughters like to surf, we love to hang by the beach a lot during the summer.

Enid: What makes you feel like you are really relaxing at the beach?

Stacey: Once you get to exit 70 you just start to get into that beach vibe you start to take in all the beauty and you start to feel more relaxed and more laid back.

Enid: What do you do on the weekends in the Hamptons?

Stacey: We love to go to the farmers market, we love Balsam and Amber Waves, we love to grill and head over to Montauk and surf.

Enid: What are your favorite spots out East?

Stacey:  As a  family, we love the Crow’s Nest and Montauket, Wollfer Kitchen right in Amagansett Square is delicious, Mary’s Marvelous is a summer staple.

Enid: What does a typical Summer Saturday look like for you?

Stacey: Soul Cycle is the first thing I am friends with one of the founders and have been doing it forever, then heading over to the beach and watching my girls and husband surf followed by cocktails and bbq. We love sunset cocktails at the Hideaway.

Enid: What do you love the most about being in the Hamptons?

Stacey: For me its all about Amagansett. It’s such a laid back, Boho beach vibe that really was the inspiration for Pink Chicken.

Enid: What do you love the most about having Pink Chicken be in Amagansett Square?

Stacey: I love being a part of the community watching the kids running around the square wearing their pink chicken outfits seeing them at the beach wearing pink chicken. I feel very part of the community here with the other businesses in the square it is a close knit group of retailers and everyone is very involved.

Enid: Thank you so much for taking us on the journey with you. I have been shopping at Pink Chicken for 7 years now and I absolutely love everything about the store. Thank you so much, and my daughter Logan thanks you she loves all your clothing.

Stacey: Thanks Enid, that makes me happy to hear.

Visit to see the beautiful collection of baby, children, women and mommy & me clothes.