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How many photos and videos do you have on your phone? 1,000? 5,000? 10,000? For Layla Lisiewski, co-founder of The Local Moms Network, that number is 16,230. Raising three young kids (with a baby on the way) and growing a business didn’t leave her with a lot of time to organize those thousands of pictures and videos. Instead, it was all sitting on her phone…just taking up space. She wanted to put together video packages of her memories, but didn’t have time to do it herself, making her a prime candidate for Smitten Films, a custom service that edits your footage and weaves it together into a keepsake film you’ll watch forever. Recently, they’ve introduced a Monthly Footage Transfer Program, which will help you transfer, organize and store footage on a monthly basis. By December 2020 your footage will be all set for a beautiful Year in Review film, for yourself and your loved ones! Interested in learning more about the process? We spoke to Layla about her experience:


We know you’re a big fan of Smitten Films. How did you use the service?
Smitten Films put together 25 minutes of footage for my husband’s Christmas gift. He loved it and I’m so glad we have the video! We are having an eventful year (with our fourth child on the way!) and I look forward to working with Smitten again for Father’s Day!

Such an awesome gift! Have you tried their new monthly footage transfer service, which reminds you to upload your footage each month?
I’m using it in 2020! I love the idea of a monthly reminder to upload footage. Organizing my photos and videos into albums by month would make the process even easier (although it’s already pretty easy).

How long did the whole process take you and what was the experience like?
It was a pleasure to work with Smitten. Considering the ridiculous amount of photos and videos I had in my library and the fact that I’m a little bit of a control freak, the Smitten team was ready and able to walk me through the best way to sort through my photos and videos with an understanding that time is precious. I did a couple hours of work and Smitten did the rest!

Sounds great. We know you love working with other mom-owned businesses…
Yes, of course! No one understands the sentimental value of something like this better than moms. We are a women-owned, women-run business and truly love supporting others who are too…

Love that! Smitten Films is known for their custom approach and the fact that you’re working with “real” people who aren’t anonymous. Was working with experts worth it to you?
Definitely—when working with a personal service on a project of this magnitude, I am 100% more confident that the resulting film will exceed my expectations.

What else should other moms know about Smitten Films from your experience?
The idea of organizing my photos and videos into a film was daunting at first. Smitten made the entire process easy and seamless and it was a wonderful opportunity to take a moment and enjoy my family’s memories.


If you commission a Director’s Cut film by January 30, Smitten Films will give any first-time clients $100 off if they mention LOCALMOMS. Start the process by visiting

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This post is sponsored by Smitten Films.