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For most moms, leggings are not only a wardrobe staple, they’re a daily essential. And when Style Reform founder Christy Teloh realized she was wearing leggings every day but the quality of materials and styling weren’t up to her high-end fashion background standards, she decided to create her own. She lives and works in Scarsdale, NY, and the Style Reform line is manufactured in Peru, using the highest quality fabrics but also socially responsible and eco-friendly practices.

After repeatedly hearing from friends how Style Reform leggings were really well-made (no see-through butt!) and had cool designs (you can even get them monogrammed!), we decided to try them out—and honestly loved them. So we sat down with the creator, mom-of-two boys (11 and 7) Christy Teloh, to learn about her and her growing brand.

Can you tell us more about how Style Reform started?

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for a long time. I went to school for fashion, abroad at The London College of Fashion and Paris Academy, and graduated from the University of Delaware.  I’ve worked at J. Crew, Republic Clothing, Tahari, Geoffrey Beene and in my last job I was overseeing the Yoga and Knitwear departments at Victoria’s Secret. It was an intense job and I was traveling a lot, and I had a one-year-old and a 5-year-old. I work out five times a week and wanted to come up with a super well-fitting, good-quality legging made with performance fabric. And I wanted to make them special. I decided to do customization. We offer different graphics, monograms. I’ve done them for schools, dance teams, college and sororities. A year ago I started doing wholesale  and I have a showroom in the city now.

Amazing! Besides your super fun customization—we love all your graphic designs and the monograms—what separates you from other high-end athleisure brands?

Coming from my background…I realize there’s always a compromise with pricing. When I was doing this I wanted to be cognizant of pricing, of course, but wanted the fabric to be amazing, and didn’t want to make cormpomise on the quality. I wear every single pair and get feedback from my friends. I take each style through the wringer before I market it. It’s really personal to me. I call the company my third child—the girl I never had.

Ha—that’s great. I’m a #boymom too. What is next for Style Reform?

We’re expanding! I just launched sweatshirts and tank tops this fall. Every time I was shooting photos of the leggings I was using a competitor’s top but wasn’t offering it. Our goal is to build a lifestyle brand and offer curated products I love. I’m growing it organically. One of our most popular items is the sweatshirt with a multi-skull pattern.

So fun! And for the leggings—which are your go-tos?

I wear all of them—I act like my own walking marketing person. Our bestseller is the golden stars down the back of the leg. That’s our signature.

Love those! Okay, so like many of our readers, you made the move from the city to the ‘burbs (in your case, Brooklyn to Scarsdale). Why did you decide to make this move?

We were living in the city and was pregnant with my second, and my first was four-years-old. We were deciding about school systems and planting roots. We moved here for the commute because were both working intense jobs and the excellent school system.

 And what do you love about living outside of the city?

In the city, any time my son needed to run around or go outdoors, I would have to take him to the playground and he had no independence. When it’s nice out I open the door and they just go outside and play. We live in a really wonderful community, Edgewood, and the houses are closer together and everyone is sweet and friendly. If I get in a bind there’s always someone to call for a favor.

Sounds perfect. Anything else you want people to know about you or Style Reform?

I started Style Reform because my mission is to keep a ‘big picture’ balance in my life. When I became a mother, my love of my career and my drive to work didn’t end but needed to be redefined. As my budding small company grows, I want to invest in women of the same mindset—offering sales opportunities across the country for bad a$$ moms that want to work on their own terms. For anyone interested in knowing more, please email me at: [email protected]

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