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Sleepy Girl Mocktail

The Sleepy Girl Mocktail is officially trending on TikTok, with the combination of tart cherry juice and magnesium promising to be the ultimate recipe for good sleep.

The basic ingredients:

1 tsp Magnesi-Om from Moon Juice or other magnesium power
2 oz tart cherry juice
A splash of sparkling water (Olipop brand prebiotic soda is especially popular)

But will this tasty mocktail really help you sleep? The jury is still out on whether magnesium supplements help people sleep better. Some research shows magnesium deficiency may be associated with poor sleep—but again, experts say it’s not a clear-cut case.

“For many struggling with a hopeless inability to sleep and take hours struggling to drift off…No, this is not going to move that needle at all and will be just another sleep tip that fails and piles on their growing sleep anxiety,” says Chris Winter, MD, neurologist, sleep specialist, and host of the podcast Sleep Unplugged with Dr. Chris Winter.

What can 100 percent help? The fact that this drink is a mocktail, and may be replacing a cocktail. “Eliminating alcohol before bed will absolutely improve sleep quality…even if it takes said drinker longer to become unconscious, what many use alcohol to achieve—rapid sedation,” says Dr. Winter.

So skip the booze before bed, and if you want, try the Sleepy Girl Mocktail—it might just help you sleep, even if it’s not a magic potion.


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