A S'Mores Board is an easy summer recipe everyone will love.
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A S'mores board is a classic spin on a traditional summer treat.

Make the most of your summer with a S’Mores Board! We love the version pictured above from The BakerMama (she is the authority on boards of all kinds, of course!). Below, some suggestions for making s’mores everyone will love. For more easy summer recipes, go to our Food/Recipe section!

Tips for Making a Summer S’Mores Board
  1. Go Beyond the Graham Cracker – Chocolate chip cookies, or almost any flat cookie, work well!
  2. Combine Salty & Sweet – Add some peanut butter, or even bacon, for that classic salty/sweet combo.
  3. Add Fruit – Pile on some thinly sliced apple paired with caramel, or some strawberries (a take on chocolate covered strawberries!).
  4. Spice it Up – There are plenty of gourmet chocolates infused with cayenne and other peppers—and they’ll make for a more grown-up S’More.
  5. Provide Plenty of Options – The beauty of a board is that everyone (kids and grownups) get to choose what to create. So go big! Summer won’t last forever, right?!


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